Boosts your yields, executing strategies, based on grouped assets and protocols
Smart approach
Automatically reallocates your funds to more profitable options and performs auto-compounding
Finds yield opportunities with the highest possible APY within multiple protocols and chains
Research on your behalf
Automates your manual actions, saving both gas and your time.
Efficiency boosting
The first smart platform for multi-chain yields maximization and with truly deflationary ABRA token
Let automation boost your yields
Cadabra: reinventing your DeFi yield-generating journey
Your current journey
Spending hours researching secure protocols with the highest APYs for your assets

Performing dozens of manual transactions
Making analysis of different yield optimisation solutions
Wasting time monitoring your assets and earnings in different apps
Returning to step 1
Your journey with Cadabra
Choose strategy
Select your yield maximization strategy.
Enter the amount of funds you want to invest
Withdraw your Rewards
Once you deposit into a strategy
Allocates your funds to the protocol offering the highest APY at the moment, after analyzing all protocols connected to the strategy
Performs auto-compound when the pool earns enough yield
Cadabra tracks all strategy's connected protocols to find the opportunity to maximize your yields, by conversion and funds reallocation.
Choose your yields maximization strategy
Each strategy combines a group of coins/tokens to maximize the number of protocols used in the strategy
Strategy designed for conservative investors, balancing minimal risk with maximum profitability.
Conservative Stablecoins strategy
Single Token Strategy
Assets remain in the selected token, leveraging derivatives and complex mechanisms to enhance profits.
up to
Brandnew Stablecoins strategy
Strategy designed for stablecoin investors, balancing moderate risk with high returns.
What sets apart earning on Cadabra from other dApps?
Other dApps
Understanding DeFi concepts and each dApp functionality is crucial
Entry threshold
Research and Monitoring
Research is time intensive
You are limited by the chosen dApps and available pools, farms, or markets
Manual transactions, always wasting time
Gas fee
You pay gas fee for each transaction
Entry threshold
No prior knowledge required
Research and Monitoring
Cadabra analyzes the most profitable options and performs transactions on your behalf
Cadabra Strategies group assets and investment options, allowing for profitable fund reallocation and conversion if possible
Automatically, 24/7
Gas fee
Only charged when depositing and withdrawing funds. Gas fee, associated with rebalance and auto-compounding, is socialized among the strategy users and is included in the performance fee, which charges from your profit
Cadabra performs auto-compound out of the box to maximize your yields
Only if you use yield optimizers
Cadabra is designed for both new and experienced DeFi users
Your funds are always safe
Your keys, your crypto
All your funds are held in a smart contract and can be withdrawn directly by you.
Each connected dApp's smart contract receives a safety score after an internal audit.
Safety score
DAO members will vote and choose secure protocols to be connected to Cadabra.
Fast development strategy
Launching stablecoin strategies in the BSC chain
Launching LSD (liquid staking derivatives) strategies in the BSC chain
Launching LSD in all major chains
Launching stablecoin strategies in all major chains
Leveraged LSD strategies
Smart contracts audit from major auditors
Uniswap V3 automated position manager and LP strategies
DAO for strategies management. Create new strategies, add/remove tokens and protocols
Cadabra utility token launch
Cross-chain LSD & stablecoin strategies. Get yield from multiple chains in one strategy
Layered (hierarchical) strategies
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Developed by a team with extensive experience in the crypto market
+300,000 users on our developed apps
Presence on the market for over 6 years
No incidents or hacks. Our smart contracts have been audited by Certik and other reputable teams.
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