Highest yields in DeFi.
Farming/Staking aggregation and automation web3 platform
Cadabra makes working with DeFi more profitable and much easier for experienced and new crypto users.
Optimize your Yield Farming/Staking/Liquidity staking across
hundreds of protocols on multiple networks
Maximize, automate and diversify
Get your profit from Yield Farming/Staking/Liquidity staking in DeFi space the same simple way as traditional online banking. Like we all used to: not thinking how it works behind the scenes.

What for?
Supported blockchains and DeFi protocols
Ethereum, BNB chain, Polygon, Solana, Tron, Avalanche
Curve, Uniswap, Pancaswap, Nomiswap, Biswap, Maker DAO, AAVE V2, Convex Finance, Just Lend, Compound
One click Yield Farming
  • Buy crypto with your bank card or deposit your fund on defi wallet.

  • Select appropriate investing strategy, click "start" button - and your crypto starts to generate the maximum profit you could get in the whole DeFi space.

  • DeFi Magic is under the hood.
How it works?
Hundreds of pools with the most profitable APR in DeFi space
Step 1
Choose a pool
No need to make exchanges and balance the pool, just enter the amount and we will do everything for you
Step 2
Enter amount and click invest
Get profit not in dubious currency but in USDT, and automatic reinvestment will be available soon
Step 3
Get profit in USDT
And also ... The world of crypto for anyone
Simplifies tax reports.
You don't need to learn blockchains and low level protocols, install multiple wallets, make your computer/phone responsible for the safety of your money.
Aggregates the most popular Yield Farming/Staking/Lending protocols in all blockchains into one intuitive interface where you just select the most profitable strategies with AI-powered hints.
All difficult and multiple interactions with all smart contracts in all blockchains are performed under the hood and fully transparent for you.
DeFi vs Cadabra
Let's compare
Risk of money loss for crypto newbie
Onboarding time to new DeFi project/protocol
From 1 hour to ∞
ZERO time
Onboarding time to new blockchain
From 1-3 hours to ∞
ZERO time
Start with just a bank card
Maximum profit
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